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The Livery is downtown Lexington’s premier event venue and shared space.  Founded in 1868, the original Lexington Livery was a temporary stable for horses and carriages passing through town. The building’s rich history of facilitating connection has made it the perfect site for its emerging position in Lexington’s growing city.


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03. Large events like weddings, often happen at the Livery.
In 1820, Lexington, KY was one of the richest cities west of the Allegheny mountains. The city was so cultured, it adopted the name, the “Athens of the West.” However, in 1833, Lexington was struck with a devastating cholera outbreak that drastically changed the growth of the city. In 1868 the Livery was built as a common city stable, and was the home to all kinds of horses, while visitors did their business around town.

Nearly a century and a half later, A.J. Hochhalter, Bo Harris, Bradley Nolan, Corey Maple and Grant Ostrander breathed new life into the space. Together, they transformed a horse stable into a Lexington landmark; one of the most accessible and prominent venues around the city.