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Dr. Mullins spent the last 20 years as the Co-Founder and President of The MESA Medical Group, the largest provider of Emergency and Hospitalist Physician Services in Kentucky. He specializes in recreating the manner in which medical services are delivered by instituting efficiency measures, programs based upon accountability and results, and unwavering customer service.




01. Comfortable beds
and soft lighting


02. the rehydration station




03. The “m club” boasts concierge service for your lifestyle medicine 






04. dr. mullins often gives exclusive
seminars at private events

Dr. Mullins has now set his sights on a new concept, emphasizing the principle that success does not happen by accident. He has conceptualized a new way at looking at health, aging, happiness, balance and is leveraging the power of technology and concierge care to enhance the doctor–patient relationship. Dr. Mullins has great interest in men’s health and their unique needs and is interested in designing programs that are personalized with a focus on long-term results.


Dr. Mullins will be seeing patients who are interested in optimal aging, weight loss and advanced aesthetic treatments, including liposuction. He will also be directly responsible for the Virtual Medicine program and the continuing quest to reinvent the delivery of healthcare. Dr. Mullins is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He is a proud single father of two girls, Zoe and Emma.