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Woodford Reserve is a super-premium “small batch” bourbon with roots at the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery, the smallest and oldest operating distillery in America. Nestled amid the picturesque horse farms of Central Kentucky, it is the only Kentucky distillery that uses copper pot stills and ages its bourbon in a unique limestone warehouse. Whiskey was first produced on its site in 1812, and it was here that some of America’s earliest distilling pioneers like Elijah Pepper, Oscar Pepper, and James Crow perfected their craft. No other distilling site in America has as rich a heritage or has had as great an influence on the production of whiskey as The Woodford Reserve Distillery. Bottled at 90.4 proof, Woodford Reserve is recognized as the bourbon of thoroughbred racing.

 01. Woodford perfectly accompanies a meal.

02. A classic mint julep with
Wordford Double Oaked

03. Early morning
distillation at Woodford

04. Distiller studying
a step in fermentation.

05. W0odford Reserve.
Kentucky proud.
In 1780, just fours years after the American revolution, Elijah Pepper began distilling on the site that now hosts Woodford Reserve- The oldest distillery in Kentucky. The distillery building was erected in 1838, after Oscar Pepper took over the distillery from his father. Labrot and James Graham purchased the distillery in 1878 and their name remains on the brand, even though the company is owned by the Brown-Forman corporation.

Today, Woodford Reserve stands as not only a Kentucky landmark, but as a premium producer of southern bourbon whiskey. Renovated in 2014, Woodford Reserve welcomes vistors who “…may enjoy a panoramic view of the scenic Distillery grounds from the new tasting room which is lined with copper stools [and] tabletops in the visitor center and tables in the tasting room, […] crafted using reclaimed wood from a barn on the Distillery property.”